Crypto Laws

We do not have a uniform pattern of laws for crypto assets and crypto currencies around the world. Some countries have decided to ban use of crypto currencies while some have allowed their use in a legal manner. This has created a serious conflict of law situation where stakeholders are in a fix as to global regulatory compliance requirements. Our LegalTech startup TeleLaw is helping global stakeholders to manage multiple techno legal regulatory and legal compliance requirements, including those pertaining to crypto assets and crypto currencies.

TLCECBI is helping not only our LegalTech startups like TeleLaw to provide techno legal online services to global stakeholders but it is also working in the direction to make crypto assets and crypto currencies regulations and compliance in India easier and as per contemporary norms and laws. We are also working upon a techno legal regulatory model that can be used by Indian govt to regulate and manage crypto assets and crypto currencies in India.

TLCECBI would analyse, suggest and use international best practices and regulatory norms to provide the proposed techno legal regulatory model for India. Indian startups, stakeholders and entrepreneurs can also send us their inputs and suggestions so that we can incorporate the same in our model.

If you need our professional techno legal services, you may contact us in this regard.