Dispute Resolution

The design and intentions of cryptocurrencies and blockchain are to avoid disputes and legal issues as much as possible. However, no technology, product or goods can be absolutely dispute free as disputes are inevitable. Disputes would arise not only from the direct use of crypto technologies but also from their indirect, incidental and extended uses.

But traditional litigation and judicial systems are not appropriate forums to redress these disputes and they must be managed by modern and technology driven tools, methods and technologies. That is why our online dispute resolution (ODR) portals are crucial for successful implementation and growth of cryptocurrencies, cryptoassets and digital assets, blockchain, etc.

We have almost two decades of techno legal ODR experience and expertise and our Techno Legal Centre Of Excellence For Online Dispute Resolution In India (TLCEODRI) is world renowned authority on techno legal ODR services.

Currently, TLCEODRI is incubating, developing and helping in the growth of our ODR portals managed by ODR India and Resolve Without Litigation (RWL). These portals would be used to resolve disputes of global stakeholder, including those working in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, cryptoassets and similar fields. Contact us if you need our techno legal ODR services for your business and commercial activities.