Smart Contracts

As a leading techno legal organisation of the world, Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) has been working upon smart contracts and smart legal contracts for past few years. We also received few collaborative proposals, especially in the fields of smart legal contract and we are currently analysing them. Our aim is to develop both smart contracts and smart legal contracts for various techno legal issues like cyber law, e-commerce, international trade in goods and services, cryptoassets and cryptocurrencies, blockchain, etc.

There are many complicated techno legal issues that blockchain and crypto stakeholders have to manage in coming times. Crypto environment and culture is developing at a much fast pace than the global laws can handle. Laws are lagging behind even for traditional technologies and contemporary and future technologies would need a techno legal framework.

Another related problem is the conflict of law issues. Private International Law has many existing troubles and technologies like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, smart legal contracts, etc would create their own problems. We at P4LO are also working upon that aspect.

A dedicated segment on smart contracts would be launched by us at this portal and it would include and cover smart legal contracts and many more issues. We are already working upon it and once Indian law on cryptoassets, cryptocurrencies and blockchain is enacted, we would discuss Indian position from and with that perspective.